Pinball Warehouse Raid

We have done our fare share of warehouse buyouts when it comes to pinball machines, pinball parts and arcade games. While we mainly specialize in the pinball genre, sometimes we will move into other games types since it’s usually a huge mess of inventory. The largest buyouts over time have been a warehouse of about 100 pinball machines from the 1940’s to the 1990’s and a backglass collection of over 400 glasses, but we still have bought out small repair businesses of just board lots, collectors of their unwanted junk bins, passed away pinball community member’s hoards from family members unable to cope, or people tired of the hobby just wanting out. Whatever the situation, we have been able to meet people’s needs fairly and honestly, as well as quietly if privacy is desired. Many returning customers and past clients referrals have kept this little business growing over the years. While we sell parts, we do NOT part good salvageable games. Most of the time the parting of games happened years ago, so then our mission is to make the parts available to the new generation of restorers so it will make the greatest impact to keep the hobby alive into the future.

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